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HAWK now! is a federally funded healthy lifestyle program delivered collaboratively by the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley until June 2013. It offers nutrition information and low impact exercise as well as healthy lifestyle workshops to the community, specifically targeting adults with or at risk of developing chronic lifestyle illnesses.


Join up now. Download a registration form or give us a call.


If you're a health professional, you may want to refer someone into the program.


Lift for Life

Lift for Life

Lift for Life is a supervised strength resistance training program designed for adults with or at risk of Type II Diabetes.

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

A group based healthy lifestyle support program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults, which uses a behavior change approach to improve health and wellbeing and prevent chronic diseases.

Heart Foundation Walking

Heart Foundation Walking

Group based exercise that promotes social and physical activity. Walking is low impact, requires little to no equipment and is free. Walking incentives are provided

Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness

A low impact exercise, cool and beneficial.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Socialise and cook affordable and nutritious meals. Benefits include: teamwork and leadership skills, budgeting, learning new recipes, motivation to cook at home, confidence and self esteem.

Nutrition information

Nutrition information

Get personalised dietary and lifestyle advice. Participate in interactive sessions on reading labels, a balanced diet, setting goals, budgeting and making healthy choices.


The Find Thirty every day campaign aims to increase the number of West Australian adults who are sufficiently active for good health. By visiting the site you're taking the first step to finding thirty minutes of physical activity every day and finding all kinds of rewards.

My Healthy Balance is a program suitable for adults who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. It is a free, session based program that can assist you in making healthy behaviour changes.

Food cents helps families achieve a healthy diet and save money on groceries. Foodcents uses a simple model where food is classified as eat most, least and moderately. People should spend most of their food money on the 'eat most' foods and the least on 'eat least' foods.

The 'Swap It, Don't Stop It' campaign calls all Australians to make healthier lifestyle choices. Make some simple lifestyle swaps -swap big portions for small; swap often for sometimes (occasional treats); swap fried for fresh; swap sitting for moving; and swap watching for playing. Become a 'swapper'.

Contact Us...

Ayesha Moss
Healthy Communities Coordinator
(08)9191 0971 / 0429988522

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