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Aboriginal Environmental Health

The Shire of Derby-West Kimberley Aboriginal Environmental Health team is made up of an Environmental Health Officer/Building Surveyor and two Aboriginal Field Support Officers. This team are committed in providing a range of health based services to Aboriginal communities within the region. Some of these services are listed below and whilst these areas represent the core of our duties, they do not limit our general responsibilities to these communities and their people.

  • Assessment of Building Applications, on-going inspections and approval. This involves liaison with builders, project managers, engineers and other service providers to ensure compliance with State legislation and local laws

  • Assessment of on-site effluent disposal systems, inspections and approval

  • Administering the Dog Health Program -providing injections for community dogs in aiding parasite control and reducing the incidence of zoonotic disease. Injections are also administered for dog birth control and euthanasia (if required)

  • Food Premises Inspections of community stores and commercial kitchens, providing additional education for food handlers, store owners/Managers and Health and Community Care Workers

  • Providing specialised education sessions for Aboriginal school children and Community Councils on environmental health and germ awareness.

  • Notifiable Disease Investigations - Conduct interviews and provide education to assist in reducing the incidence of Infectious disease within Aboriginal Communities

  • Participation in training modules conducted by the Kimberley Public Health Unit and Karayilli Adult Education Centre for prospective Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers. Our Field Support Officers provide a support base for graduate trainees to assist them in carrying out community based environmental health activities

  • Negotiation with other service providers to resolve environmental health problems, provide funding and undertake maintenance and repairs on housing and essential service infrastructure

  • Development of a community awareness program - directed at educating the community on issues of Environmental Health and clarifying the role of the Shire and community based Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers.

  • Assisting communities in cleanups and coordinating car body removal

  • Assisting communities undertake pest control programs for such things as cockroaches and mosquitoes

  • Carry out the Sentinel Chicken Bleeding Program – a warning mechanism for the presence of mosquito-borne diseases such as Australian Encephalitis and Ross River Virus

  • Carrying out the Environmental Health Needs Survey on every Aboriginal community in the Shire to provide information for agencies to:

    • Measure progress in addressing priority environmental health needs

    • Identify service delivery gaps

    • Target existing resources to priority communities

    • Lobby government for new resources

    • Improve across government program and service delivery coordination

Environmental Health

Aboriginal Environmental Health
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Onsite Effluent Disposal
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