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Media Release Kimberley Writers Prize Winners 2016

28th July 2016

Media Release Kimberley Writers Prize Winners 2016

This is the fifth year the Kimberley Writers Prize has been organised by the Shire of Derby West Kimberley with sponsorship from Rio Tinto. We had some fabulous entries from all across the Kimberley and the judges were impressed with the calibre of the entries.

You can read the winning entries in all categories by following the links.

The Adult Story winner was A Blind Devotion by Frieda McLoughlin
The Adult Poetry winner was Purnululu Wind by Mieke Boynton
The High School Story winner was Dream Soil by Capel Price
The Primary School Story winner was Mithiannia by Lauren Clark
The Primary School Poetry winner was I am Sophie by Sophie Carlow

Congratulations to all the winners.

Media Release Kimberley Art Prize 2016 Winners

4th July 2016
Kimberley Art Prize 2016 Overall Joint Winner 'The Spirit Mana and the Whistling Eagle' by Benjamin Loaring


Ninety one stunning artworks were revealed at the 46th Kimberley Art Prize in Derby on Saturday 2nd July 2016

Hosted by the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley, Shire of Derby/West Kimberley President Elsia Archer officially opened the prestigious annual arts event to a 300-strong audience..

Awards were presented across ten different categories; Overall Winner, Browse FLNG Development Emerging Artist, Indigenous, Oils and Acrylics, Water colour and Pastel, Mixed Media, Drawing, Open Non-Kimberley, Boab Nut Carving and Youth Award (17 years and under).,/p>

The Overall Winner award was presented to Benjamin Loaring of Broome for his Mixed Media category entry titled "The Spirit Man and the Whistling Eagle."

Head Judge Leon Percicles and Local Judge James Down owner of Broome Gallery said that the diverse range of art FLNG Development Emerging Artist 'The Great Kimberley Pastime' by Howard Harrispieces entered into this years competition was world class and a credit all artists involved.

Howard Harris won the $5,000.00 Browse FLNG Development Emerging Artistaward for his pixel style painting entitled "The Great Kimberley Pastime"

The Kimberley Art Prize exhibition is open daily for public viewing from 11am - 5pm until Thursday 7 July. The People's Choice Award will be announced on close of exhibition on Friday 8 July.

All pieces in the exhibition are for sale except for the Overall winner and Emerging Artist Winner.

OVERALL WINNER $ 10,000 Sponsored by Shire of Derby / West Kimberley

The Spirit Man & The Whistling Eagle by Benjamin Loaring of Broome

BROWSE FLNG DEVELOPMENT EMERGING ARTIST AWARD $ 5,000 Sponsored by Brose FLNG DevelopmentThe Great Kimberley Pastime - by Howard Harris (Derby)
INDIGENOUS ARTIST AWARD $ 1,000 Sponsored by Buru Energy Ltd

My Ten Grandchilren by Marion Cox of Yiyili

OILS AND ACRYLICS AWARD $ 1,000 Sponsored by Art House Broome

Nocturne by Catherine Bonner

WATERCOLOUR & PASTEL AWARD $ 1,000 Sponsored by H&M Tracey Construction

King of the Tide by Tom Montgomery of Broome

DRAWING AWARD $ 1,000 Sponsored by Shelffield Resources

Evolution of Charcoal by Trent Caldwell of Broome


$ 1,000 Sponsored by The Ichthys ProjectMakeshift Raft by Mark Norval of Derby
YOUTH AWARD $ 500 Sponsored by Anglicare WAKimberley Nights by Holly Billingham of Derby
BOAB NUT CARVING AWARD $ 500 Sponsored by Mt Gibson MiningWandjina Stories by Frances Doly of Mowanjum Community
OPEN NON- KIMBERLEY AWARD $ 1,000 Sponsored by Horizon PowerKarijini Kiss by Marjorie Busby from Bridgeman Downs
PEOPLE'S CHOICE (All Mediums) $ 1,000 Sponsored by Dambimangari Aboriginal CorporationTo be announced on Friday 8 July.


Critters of the Kimberley by Jeanne Barnes

Fingermark by Gabrielle Gugeri

Madonna & Child by Nikki Stinson

Isolated Storm by Cathie Bonner

Megan by Susannah Hart

Ocean Dreaming by Isoblle Sirianni

Sunset's Glow by Heather McLaughlin

Kingfisher by Isobelle Sirianni

Stealing my dad by Dora Griffiths

The Night River by Jack McAllister (5years Old)

Joy in Progress?by Mustuko Bonnardeaux


Picture Caption:

1. Kimberley Art Prize 2016 Winnder, Bnjamin Loarding and Wife Jody with his peice The Spirit Man and the Whistling Eagle

2. Michael Roe from Woodside stands alongside the 2016 "Emerging Artist" winning piece - the Great Kimberley Pastime by Howard Harris.

For more information please contact:

Shire of Derby / West Kimberley
Community Development Office

Tel: 08 9191 0999


2016 Kimberley Art Prize Sponsors

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