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Council News - April 2008


29th April 2008

The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley is delighted at the recent announcement by OzJet that it will increase its service to Derby (Curtin)  to include Mondays as of 12th May, 2008.


Shire President, Elsia Archer said that since Ozjet commenced its 3 days per week direct Perth/Derby jet service over 12 months ago, the  whole community had embraced it fully and the additional day’s service is a real bonus.


“Over the past 20 years, Derby has been on a roller coaster as far as air services go.  We have gone from a full service to a link service and for a time, it looked as though we would have no service and the prosperity of our Shire has fluctuated enormously because of it”  said Cr. Archer.


“Since the inception of OzJet, the benefits to business and the general community have been evident and we can go forward with the knowledge that  we have a reliable service to support our growing economy.   The fact that OzJet has now increased that service is testament to the support they have received across the board and demonstrates the healthy relationship between the Shire and an airline company which was willing to give us a go” Cr. Archer concluded.



For more information
John Pearson, Chief Executive Officer
(08) 9191 0999
0429 911 436

Media Release - Swimming Pool for Fitzroy Crossing!

16th April 2008


Derby.  W.A.  16/4/08


The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley was delighted at the recent announcement by Premier Alan Carpenter that the State Government had allocated $5.4 million for the construction and operation of a swimming pool at Fitzroy Crossing.


“This is a real win for a remote township with so few recreational facilities and so many young people and we look forward to our inclusion in decisions on the site and design for the pool” said Shire President, Elsia Archer.


Cr. Archer said the idea was first born several years ago and investigated and pursued by a group of very energetic townspeople and the fact that it has come to fruition proves that although we are so remote, we are not forgotten and the State has recognized the benefits of such a facility for Fitzroy Crossing.


“There is little doubt that the pool will be one of the most popular places in town, particularly in our hot and steamy wet season and the ‘no school, no pool’ policy that goes with it will hopefully encourage our youngsters to better school attendance” she said.


Cr. Archer concluded by expressing her gratitude to the State Government for recognizing a true need and thanks to all those who had input to the project and kept the vision alive.



April Holiday Activities

There's no excuse to be bored these holidays! Join in the great activities provided by the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley.


Download the holiday program below.


File Type File Size File Name File Description
pdf 908kb Holiday program Activities Program for the April school holidays.

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