Kimberley Set to Benefit with $4.2b Project Proposal

Published on Thursday, 21 January 2021 at 9:32:09 PM

Today Shire President Geoff Haerewa signed a letter of support on behalf of the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley for the development of a Derby Fertiliser and Petrochemical Complex, a large-scale fertilizer project proposed to be constructed near the township of Derby in the Kimberley Region.

This project has the capacity to transform our Shire and is estimated to provide 1500 jobs during construction and up to 550 direct and indirect jobs during operation of the plant. The proposed $4.1billion project is projected to become one of the largest of its kind in the world with revenues of over $2billion per annum.

Phase 1 has the capacity to produce 4,000 tonnes of urea per day and will be supported by a large onshore gas project. In the future, the project will be able to seamlessly integrate with the production of renewables, including hydrogen and potentially deliver low cost energy to the town of Derby.

It will provide business and employment opportunities from Bidyadanga to Kununurra – and drive infrastructure improvements including port upgrades across the Kimberley.

Agriculture will also benefit with reduced costs of fertiliser, which has been a major obstacle for sustainable irrigated crop production in the Kimberley.

The project will provide significant opportunities for Traditional Owner groups in the Kimberley.


  • I welcome the opportunities the project will provide for traditional owner groups in the Kimberley, who have fought long and hard to secure their rights and have their natural resources developed to provide hope and jobs into the future.
  • This proposal is a game changer for our region and I have been working hard with the company to demonstrate that the Kimberley is open for business
  • We need sustainable full-time jobs in the Kimberley and this project unlocks a new future for the region.
  • I welcome the plans for renewable energy use with a staged approach to the delivery of 100% green ammonia.
  • I am especially pleased that the company is looking to provide subsidised power and water for the residents of Derby.
  • This as an unprecedented opportunity for Aboriginal owned companies along with other local
    businesses in the Kimberley to revive after they have suffered so much in recent years.


DFPC propose to develop an Ammonia, Methanol, Urea & Complex fertilizer plant and power station near Derby, in the Kimberley Region, Western Australia under the entity Derby Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Complex Pty Ltd.

This Project proposed to develop in Derby, the Western Australian Kimberley Region is proposed to establish a scale of 3,500 MT of Liquid Ammonia / day, 5,000 MT / day grade AA Methanol and a Urea process plant with an anticipated output of Urea of 4,000 MT / day facility in Phase 1.

The Second phase expansion using the Rock Phosphate & Potash resources in NT to produce 350,000 tons/ year of complex fertilizer and output of Mono / Di Ammonium phosphate of 375,000 tons / year.

More information including project staging be found at 

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