Local Planning Scheme No. 8

The new Local Planning Scheme (LPS) will be the statutory document that controls the use and development of land within the whole of the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley. The Council has resolved to prepare a new Local Planning Scheme that will cover the whole of the district and ultimately will supersede both TPS No.5 and TPS No.7. the implementation of a new whole of district Local Planning Scheme will enable the Council for the first time to exercise Planning Controls over the whole of the Shire, rather than only within the gazetted town sites.

The preparation of the new scheme review will be guided by the Council’s endorsed Local Planning Strategy (LPS) which will set a clear picture of objectives, planning intentions and proposals of both the Council and the community.

Plans or strategies may also be prepared for specific precincts to account for local history and character and/or specific land use and planning issues. Such studies include the Coastal Vulnerability Study as it applies to the Derby townsite and the Fitzroy Futures Town Plan will provide the basis for the planning of Fitzroy Crossing.

How to get involved

Community consultation will be a key component of the preparation of the new Local Planning Scheme and development of local planning strategies and will include surveys, advertising of plans and public forums for example.

The review will shape the future of your neighbourhood and all community members are encouraged to take an interest and participate in the review process.

Updates and information on future consultation opportunities will be advertised as they occur.