Deputations and Petitions


  1. A deputation wishing to be received by the Council or a committee is to apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, who is to forward the written request to the President, or the Presiding Member as the case may be.
  2. The President, if the request is to attend a Council meeting, or the Presiding member of the committee, if the request is to attend a meeting of a committee, may either approve the request, in which event the Chief Executive Officer is to invite the deputation to attend a meeting of the Council or committee, as the case may be, or may instruct the Chief Executive Officer to refer the request to the Council or committee to decide by simple majority whether or not to receive the deputation. 
  3. A deputation invited to attend a Council or committee meeting:
    • is not to exceed five persons, only two of whom may address the Council or committee, although others may respond to specific questions from the members; and
    • is not to address the Council or committee for a period exceeding 15 minutes without the agreement of the Council or the committee as the case requires.
  4. Any matter which is the subject of a deputation to Council or a committee is not to be decided by the Council or that committee until the deputation has completed its presentation.

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A petition, in order to be effective, is to:

  1. Be addressed to the President;
  2. Be made by electors of the district;
  3. State the request on each page of the petition;
  4. Contain the names, addresses and signatures of the electors making the request, and the date each elector signed;
  5. Contain a summary of the reasons for the request;
  6. State the name of the person upon whom, and an address at which, notice to the petitioners can be given; and
  7. Be in the form prescribed by the Local Government Act 1995 and Local Government (Constitution) Regulations 1998 if it is - 
    • a proposal to change the method of filling the office of President;
    • a proposal to create a new district or the boundaries of the Local Government;
    • a request for a poll on recommended amalgamation; and
    • a submission about changes to wards, the name of a district or ward or the number of councillors for a district or ward.

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