Waste Management

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Domestic/Commercial Rubbish Collection

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Refuse is collected for the Shire by contractors Cleanaway. Contact Cleanaway on 08 9161 6400 or fax 08 9191 2511.

Landfill Opening Hours - Derby & Fitzroy Crossing

Monday - Saturday -  7:00am - 4:30pm

Sunday and Public Holidays – Derby - 8:00am - 12:00pm (12 month Trial); Fitzroy Crossing – Closed (12 month Trial)

Closed - Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year's Day




November 1 - March 31 - Mondays and Thursdays
(Mondays only between April 1 - October 31)

Derby Wharf area, Elder St, Johnston St (between Clarendon & Rowan Sts), Clarendon St to the Hensman St intersection, Rowan St, Anderson St, Coleman St, Howell St, Watt St, Van Emmerick St, Rose St, Monger St, Rowell St, Marmion St, Knowsley St West (between Marmion & Alexander Sts(, Knoop St, Macdonald St, Beavan St, McLarty St, Archer St, Owen Ah Chee St, Blyth St, Kunumurra St, Baobab St, Barnett Way, McGovern Way, Reid Court, Bauhinia St, Yeeda Close, Richardson Tce, Cycad Cove, Mimosa St, Hakea St, Bloodwood St, Ashley St (between Loch St and Rodeo grounds), Holman St, Knowsley St East (between Holman & Brand Sts), Tower Place.

November 1 - March 31 - Tuesdays and Fridays
(Tuesdays only between April 1 - October 31)

Villiers St, Panton St, Stanley St, Loch St, Sutherland St, Clarendon St (between Hensman & Loch Sts), Delawarr St, Knowsley St West (between Alexander & Ashley Sts), Knowsley St East (between Broome and Granville Sts), Hanson St, Alfonsas St, Heytesbury St, Wodehouse St, Dampier Dr, Granville St, Johnston St (between Clarendon & Villiers Sts), Hardman St (between Clarendon & Villiers Sts), Hensman St, Fairbairn St, Ashley St (between Alfonsas & Panton Sts), Field St, Juld St, Nuytsia Way, Miniritchie Way, Stanwell St, Carnarvon St.

November 1 - March 31 - Wednesdays and Saturdays
(Wednesdays only between April 1 - October 31)

Brearly St, Millard St, Wells St, Guildford St, Fitzroy St, Derby Hwy, Rodgers St, Russ St, Maxted St, Hamlet Grove subdivision.

Fitzroy Crossing

November 1 - March 31 - Tuesdays and Fridays
(Tuesdays only between April 1 - October 31)

All Fitzroy Crossing Streets.