The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley adopted its
2020/2021 Budget at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on
30 July 2020. 

The Rates Information Flyer is available here.


Each year local governments in Western Australia must prepare an annual budget in the format prescribed by the Local Government Act 1995. The general rates for the financial year are determined by Council on the basis of raising the revenue required to meet the deficiency between the total estimated expenditure proposed in the budget and the estimated revenue to be received from all sources other than rates.

The Shire continues to maximise grant opportunities from State and Federal Government and leverage as much income as possible from sources other than rates. Alternative funding sources reduce the amount required to be levied from rates and ensures the best value for money for ratepayers.

In preparing the draft budget, officers have used the Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting documents such as the Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Plan and various Asset Management Plans previously adopted by Council to prioritise budget submissions and new initiatives.

The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley 2020/21 Budget can be found here.

Key Projects

Roads  $4,814,854 – these works are tied (grant-funded works)

  • Ashley St
  • Street Number Project
  • Villiers Road, Swain and Panton Street Intersection
  • Various rural roads
    • Calwynyardah-Nookanbah Rd
    • Camballing-Myroodah Rd
    • Fossil Downs Rd
  • Flood damage works – $11,900,000
  • Finalisation of the CCTV project funded by WAPOL and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet completed total project was $592,000 (about $63,000 of expenditure carried over to 20/21 year)
  • $100,000 – gate to finalise Wharf projects
  • Building works new and renewal
    • New chamber and library improvements
    • New Councillors and President’s office including meeting room
    • New disability access toilets
    • Improvements to Administration building
  • Some plant change-over (five vehicles and three mowers)
  • Stimulus works projects



Local government rates are levied annually to all rateable properties. Your rates fund the facilities and services used by community members and visitors.

Rates are a simple and effective way of paying for the development and improvement of vital community facilities such as libraries, sporting grounds, recreation centres, community buildings, parks, gardens, play equipment, roads, footpaths and signage.  Services include health, building & planning, ranger operations, land care, administration and governance.


The Shire applies differential rating categories which are determined by the land use, zoning or a combination of these to best reflect the rate-in-the-dollar contribution from the different property category.

Minimum payments are applicable where the rates calculation provides a figure lower than the minimum.

This system ensures owners of all types of properties make a proportionate contribution.  The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley has again resolved to adopt a Differential Rate for properties which are predominantly used for mining and rural purposes.

*The full objectives and reasons for differential rates and minimum payments for the year ending 30 June 2021 available here or at the Shire Administration office.


The valuation of your property is displayed in the box located at the top right of your Rates notice.

For more information on how the valuation is determined by the Valuer General, please visit Landgate’s website www.landgate.wa.gov.au or telephone 1300 556 224.

Should you wish to lodge an objection to the valuation of your property you can do this by completing an online objection form on Landgate’s webpage - Lodging an Objection



In 2020/21 Council resolved to adopt a rating system as below:

CategoryRate in the DollarMinimum Payment
GRV-GENERAL 12.5746 $1027
UV-MINING 12.0746 $630
UV-RURAL 6.0373 $1027

Rates in the dollar remain the same as advertised for public comment.


You can pay your rates online via website, B-Pay, by cheque, by making a direct transfer into our account or in person. 

Full payment details can be found on your rates notice.


*Please contact the Shire to arrange instalments or if you are having difficulties making the payment dates.  An interest rate of 8% will be imposed and legal action may be taken if payment is not received by due dates.

Payment in Full4 Instalments 2 Instalments Dates
Single Instalment 1st Instalment 1st Instalment 16/09/2020 
2nd Instalment 17/11/2020
3rd Instalment 2nd Instalment 18/01/2021
4th Instalment 22/03/2021

Instalment Interest is 5.5% and Instalment Admin Fee is $15.00

Discount – a 2% discount is available if payment is received within 21 days of the issue date - 02/09/2020.

Discount is applicable to general rates only and is not eligible on service/other charges.

Financial Hardship

The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley understands that ratepayers may experience significant financial hardship during certain times.

If you are unable to pay your rates instalments due to financial hardship, you can apply to the Shire for a special arrangement. Various options are available to assist with actively reducing outstanding balances.

For further information and to obtain a copy of the Financial Hardship Policy and application form please email rates@sdwk.wa.gov.au or alternatively present to the Shire administration buildings in either Derby or Fitzroy Crossing for further help.

Rates concessions

Pensioners who meet certain criteria are entitled to claim a concession of up to 50% (to a maximum of $750) of the current year’s Rates and Emergency Service Levy (ESL). Seniors Card holders may be entitled to claim a concession of up to 25% (maximum of a $100). 

To qualify for a rebate you must:

Own and occupy your house as at 1st July each year, Pay the required Net Due amount on the notice by 30th June of the current financial year.

AND you must be a holder of a valid:

1. Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink/Veterans Affairs; OR
2. WA Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Affairs AND a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card; OR
3. WA Seniors Card only; OR
4. State Concession Card

Eligible for Deferment: Rate charges and ESL levy will be automatically deferred if the amount required to be paid on the rates notice is not paid by 30th June of the current financial year. Service charges do not get deferred and remain payable.

To receive a concession you must:

  • hold an appropriate Pensioner or WA Seniors card; and
  • on 1 July of the current financial year own and occupy the property as your ordinary place of residence.

To own means you must:

  • be the owner or co-owner of the property registered on the Certificate of Title; or
  • have a "right to reside" at the property under the terms of a Will (provided a copy of the appropriate documents are provided).

Concessions are applied to the Rates and ESL only. All other charges must be paid by the due date. These concessions are applicable from the date your application is received by the Water Corporation. To apply for this concession please contact the Water Corpation on 1300 659 951 or visit their website.

Other charges on your rates notice

Apart from rates charges on your Annual Rates Notice you may also incur the following:

Emergency Services Levy

Since 1 July 2003, all property owners in Western Australia are required to pay the Emergency Services Levy (ESL), introduced by the State Government. This levy funds the career and volunteer Fire and Rescue Service stations, volunteer Bush Fire Brigades, State Emergency Service units and multi-purpose volunteer fire and emergency service units in Western Australia.

All Local Governments across the State are required to collect this levy on behalf of Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). This levy is listed as a separate item on the rates notice. After the Shire collects this levy it is then forwarded to DFES.

For further information visit Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Waste Fees and Charges

Under the Health Act WA and Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act WA it is a requirement of the Shire to ensure the proper disposal of waste and to provide waste collection services to properties located within the townsite.

Fees and Charges are as follows:

Residential Rubbish Collection – 1 bin $580.00
Residential Additional Bin Charge $630.00
Commercial Rubbish—1st Collection $900.00
Commercial —Additional Bin Charge $1000.00

For further info in regards to Waste please click here.

Pool/Spa Inspection Fee

Regulations require that the Shire inspects all private pool and spa enclosures every four years to ensure safety compliance. The regulation states an inspection fee is to be applied. Swimming pool inspection levy of $57.45 (GST exempt) for the 2020/21 financial year (spread over four years).

Pool Fences

State Government statutes require Shire officers to undertake at least one inspection within a four year period of all private swimming pools and spas in its area to ensure that suitable restrictive barriers are in place to prevent drowning's.

The Western Australian Government’s new 5 Star Plus standards commenced on 1 September 2007 as a result of these new standards all new swimming pools will require a pool cover to reduce evaporation.

All private backyard swimming pools are required, by law, to be adequately isolated with a barrier, in order to prevent unsupervised entry of children. All gates providing access to such pools are required to be self-closing and self-locking, and the pool fence is to be a minimum height of 1.2 metres, unscaleable barrier. It is the owners responsibly to maintain the barrier so that it is compliant with the regulations at all times. 

Application requirements for new pools and spas.

The following is required as part of your application:

  • A completed Building Permit Application
  • Two copies of a site plan showing where the proposed pool and all existing buildings/structures are located on the property
  • Details of the type and location of security barriers*
  • Signed engineers details of the structural integrity of the pool
  • Manufacturers brochure and specifications for the pool or spa
  • Signed Engineers details of the structural integrity of a second hand or concrete/brick pool.

* Please note: a separate approval is required if the security barriers for a pool are not installed by the applicant of the pool approval.

For application forms please refer to Building Commission Website.

For further information, please contact the Shire’s Building Services Department on (08) 9191 0999.

For further Fees and Charges click here


If you have recently changed your postal address, or other contact details, please email the changes to sdwk@sdwk.wa.gov.au

Please notify your change of address even if you have a postal redirection order in place, as the Shire receives no advice of this from Australia Post.