Information for Dog Owners

You are required by law to register your dog

The law requires that Dogs over the age of three months are required to be registered. Registrations must be in the name of the person over 18 years of age. All registrations are due on the 1st November of each year, with options of 1 Year, 3 years or Lifetime Registration (application form).

Microchipping requirements

Amendments introduced on 1 November 2013 require that all new dogs registered for the first time, or dogs that are transferred to a new owner, need to be microchipped. All existing dogs need to be microchipped by 1 November 2015. When you register your dog you will be required to provide proof that the dog has been microchipped by providing the microchip number.

Further information is available from the Department of Local Government and Communities.

Fees and Charges

Download a complete listing of fees and charges for Shire services and facilities.

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