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Planning Schemes No.5 and No.7, Interim Development Order No.8 and Town Planning Policies

Town Planning Scheme No 5 which comprises of the Scheme Text, Scheme Map and Town Planning Policies is the statutory document that controls the use and development of land within the Derby Townsite.  Town Planning Scheme No.7 applies specifically to the Birdwood Rise subdivision and Interim Development Order No.8 applies to the balance of the Shire including the Shire’s two other gazetted town sites of Fitzroy Crossing and Camballin. Land Use planning for Fitzroy Crossing is informed by the Fitzroy Futures Town Plan which is a policy based approach to land use planning.

Scheme Texts and Maps

The scheme maps show the classification of land (either as a reserve or a particular zone) within Derby and Birdwood Rise and the scheme text prescribes the land uses which may or may not be permitted in the various zones via the Zoning Tables. The scheme text also establishes the requirements for the use and development of land throughout the Derby townsite and Birdwood rise subdivision.

Local Interim Development Order No.8 (IDO No.8) was approved by the Minister for Planning and applies to land between the boundary of Town Planning Schemes No.5 and No.7 and extending northwards, eastwards and southwards to the boundaries of the Shire.

Interim Development Order No.8 has been approved for a period of three years and has been granted as an interim planning mechanism that enables the Council to call in applications and require the issue of Approval for certain developments during the period in which the Shire prepares a new whole of district Local Planning Scheme (Local Planning Scheme No.8).  Once finalised, LPS No.8 will supersede TPS No.5 and TPS No.7.  

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PlanWA is a public mapping tool that provides access to planning, land and heritage data across Western Australia.

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