Media Release - Minister Paul Papalia Meets with Derby Stakeholders on Liquor Restriction Changes

Published on Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 2:08:50 PM

11 July 2024                                                                                                                  For immediate release

The Minister for Police the Hon Paul Papalia met with representatives from the Shire of Derby West Kimberley and the Derby / West Kimberley Liquor Accord in Derby on Tuesday this week to discuss the upcoming changes to liquor restrictions, including the two-day closure of takeaway liquor outlets in Derby. 

While the Minister assured all attendees that his government expected significant improvements to social and crime issues in Derby and Broome as a direct consequence of the new restrictions, the Shire and the Liquor Accord have indicated that they remain unconvinced that this will be the case if other measures are not put in place in tandem with the new restrictions. 

Shire President and Liquor Accord Chairperson Peter McCumstie emphasised the need for increased rehabilitation resources and government support, stating;

Liquor restrictions are not new in our shire and have been in place for over twelve years with some of the toughest restrictions being in Fitzroy Crossing. Yet despite this we see continuing increases in domestic violence, social disfunction and crime in our shire and other Kimberley towns”.

“As we have stated previously, the missing part here is any increase or step up in the provision of rehabilitation resources and facilities and support for our communities from government services”. 

Both the Shire and the Liquor Accord have requested clear evaluation processes and timeframes, to clearly and accurately assess the effectiveness of the new restrictions. Additionally, they have called for an assessment of potential impacts unique to Derby, due to the two-day closure imposed on Derby rather than Broome. This evaluation should include economic impacts and look at the movements of people between the two towns in relation to potential increases in sly grogging and transient population numbers in Broome. 

Mr. McCumstie further stated that;

 "While we are under no illusion that we cannot change these new restrictions in the short to medium term we are adamant that the real outcomes be identified so that in time the restrictions can be reviewed and adjusted as and when results indicate.”

“This includes the impacts economically, as well as what needs to be done to provide better services from government.”   




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