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Kimberley Road Freight Request Form

The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley in conjunction with the Derby Chamber of Commerce is coordinating freight due to the impact of the anticipated extended road closures.

Many businesses are reliant on road freight to keep businesses alive.

We understand that priority must be given to essential supplies such as food, medical supplies, fuel, gas, health and hygiene products however we also believe that support is required to keep our local economy strong during this difficult period.

Please click on the Submit Request Form icon and fill in the form provided and submit no later than 11am, so freight can be collated for shipping.

Submit Request Form

The information in this request will be collated and sent to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. If there are any further queries please contact

Grants / Funding

In times of disaster, a number of funding and grant opportunities may become available for businesses. 

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