Derby Airport development

The Shire was successful in obtaining a $5.1million grant for the development of the Derby Airport. The development includes:

  • Terminal upgrades to be able to handle commercial jets in addition to the existing light aircraft, helicopters, and tourism charters;
  • Apron upgrades to take the weight larger planes;
  • New fire hydrant system ;
  • Power upgrades and new backup generator;
  • New runway lighting;
  • Water and waste water upgrades.

These upgrades are required to support a future jet service out of Derby airport where there is a lower cost structure for operators, better linkages to smaller charters, and closer to town for accessibility. This also supports power, water, lighting quality for RFDS base operations.

This is a great outcome for the future sustainability of the Derby airport. While there is still no word on a date to recommence commercial jet flights this announcement is an important step and the Shire continues to work hard towards this goal.

Derby Airport