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Department of Health – Health Advice Kimberley – Kriol Translation

Department of Health – Health Advice Kimberley – English


  • Mosquito activity is expected to increase. As mosquitoes can carry a range of illnesses, you should protect yourself by using mosquito repellent and cover with long, loose-fitting clothing.

Health dangers of floodwaters

  • Do not enter floodwaters as you risk drowning or being seriously injured.
  • To prevent illness, avoid contact with floodwater – it is dirty and can be mixed with sewage from overflowing toilets and toilet systems.
  • Assume anything touched by floodwater is dirty.
  • Wear closed shoes, especially outdoors, if possible.
    • Wash your hands and affected areas of the body thoroughly with clean warm water and soap or use hand sanitiser, especially before eating.
    • Wash any wounds that come into contact with floodwater as soon as possible with clean water.
    • Cover cuts and abrasions, preferably with waterproof dressings.
    • Remove clothes that are dirty from the floodwater.
    • If possible, wash and dry feet (and footwear) if you have walked in floodwater.

Returning home

  • Remember wildlife may have been washed into your home during or sought high ground.
  • If the house looks badly damaged and unsafe do not enter.
  • When returning home please be mindful everything that has been in contact with flood water is dirty.

For more information:

Flood Clean up information 

Australian Red Cross information

Drinking water

Using mains (tap) water:

  • If you are in a flood affected area, your water provider will let you know if the tap water is unsafe to use and will issue a Boil Water notice.

 Food and Medicine

  • Throw out any food or medicine that has come into contact with floodwater and might be dirty.
  • If the power goes out, refrigerated food can be used for up to four hours; after this it will have to be thrown out. Frozen foods last for up to 24 hours after the power goes out.
  • If the power goes out for more than four hours contact your medical clinic for advice about any medicines that need to be stored in the fridge.