Local Government Elections 2023

Published on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 4:24:32 PM

Shire of Derby / West Kimberley Elections 2023:


Elections results have been declared by the WA Electoral Commission and our newest Councillors were sworn in at a Special Council Meeting last night, held in the Derby Council Chambers.

This year, the public had the opportunity to vote for the Shire President position for the first time. Mr Peter McCumstie is the first directly elected Shire President and his term is four years. Peter has been serving the Shire for twenty two years, including previously as Shire President between 1992 and 2001!

Councillor Geoff Haerewa nominated for Deputy Shire President and was elected unopposed. He will complete a two year term in this role.  

We would like to welcome our newest members of Council:

  • Cr Brett Angwin – term expiring 2027
  • Cr Paul Bickerton - term expiring 2027
  • Cr Brian Ellison - term expiring 2025
  • Cr Wayne Foley - term expiring 2025
  • Cr Kerrissa O’Meara - term expiring 2027

Cr Andrew Twaddle was re-elected as Councillor and will complete a four year term expiring in 2027. Cr Geoff Davis will continue his existing term until 2025.

Congratulations to President Peter McCumstie, Deputy Shire President Geoff Haerewa and all our new Councillors!

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