Media Release - Release of Liquor Restrictions in Derby

Published on Thursday, 13 June 2024 at 3:06:50 PM


13 June 2024                                                                                                                For immediate release


Recently, a decision was made by the Director of Liquor Licensing to adjust liquor restrictions within our community, following an inquiry into alcohol-related harm in Derby and the sale of packaged liquor. The inquiry, which involved consultation with various stakeholders, including licensees, calls for more liquor restrictions, intended to prevent and reduce problematic alcohol related behaviour and harm.   

The level of restrictions imposed in Derby under the Directors decision are considered reasonable, and the Shire is keen to witness the positive impacts the Government anticipates under the imposed restrictions.  

Derby has grappled with alcohol-related harm, evidenced by the numerous restrictions on alcohol sales over the years. However, we know from first-hand experience that restrictions are often not the most effective means to address these complex issues. We stress the importance of a comprehensive approach that addresses the underlying factors driving alcohol dependency.

We look to the government and other agencies to understand what supports and opportunities will be established and bolstered to support the community to adapt to the restrictions providing a foundation for improved health and social wellbeing.

In our position statement – Minimising Harm from Alcohol and Other Drugs released February 2024, we emphasised our role in helping minimise alcohol related harm through collaboration and partnerships, providing strong civic leadership and encouraging community safety to be a whole-of-community responsibility. We hope this decision made by the Director urges a collaborative approach by community groups, stakeholders and the Shire. Most importantly, we reiterate the urgent need for wrap-around services, direct support for drinkers, job opportunities, and social services to mitigate the impact of alcohol abuse.  

A recently established initiative, the Harm Minimisation Advisory Group of which the Shire is a member, has emerged as a pivotal player in our efforts to address the challenges posed by alcohol in Derby. This group, comprised of diverse stakeholders from within and beyond our community, is dedicated to creating and implementing comprehensive strategies aimed at tackling the wider negative effects of alcohol related harm.  

Shire President Peter McCumstie urges for a coordinated approach,

“As Shire President, the Council and I stand with our community in recognising the importance of addressing alcohol related harm in Derby.

Our commitment as the Shire extends beyond this decision for restrictions as we will continue to do our part to address these issues, as well as advocate for a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of alcohol-related harm.

We eagerly await substantive action from Ministerial agencies as well as other stakeholders and groups, seeking clarity on coordinated efforts to support our community through this issue.

Together with the government and our community, we will enact positive change swiftly and effectively.”

Moving forward, the Shire stands ready to engage constructively with the government to address these issues promptly and effectively.  

You can find information about liquor restrictions on the DLGSC website, here: DLGSC - New Derby takeaway liquor restrictions




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