Plan for the Future

Throughout 2020/21, the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley (SDWK) has been raising the volume as part of its community consultation while undertaking a significant review of its Strategic Community Plan (SCP) 2012-2021 and associated documents.

Strategic community plans must be reviewed every ten years and as part of the process, the SDWK committed to reaching as many of its 7,730 residents as possible with the opportunity to provide feedback.

Since July 2020, the SDWK heard from over 1,700 respondents and engaged with over 3,000 people including representatives from agencies, organisations and groups. 

After a final round of consultation, from mid-December 2020 until late March 2021, the final version was adopted by Council on 29 April 2021.

Although the SCP is about more than a vision statement, the new vision sums up an exciting decade ahead:

A place where people want to live, invest, visit and return to.

We proudly invite residents and stakeholders to click below for the final version of Strategic Community Plan 2021-30.

Strategic Community Plan

View the Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031: 

Strategic Community Plan.

Report on Community Engagements

This report has been prepared by the SDWK to provide the detail of what communities and stakeholders provided as feedback throughout consultations and engagements which ran from July to November 2020. 

An extensive consultation and engagement process like this has not been completed by the SDWK in recent years. Providing transparency of the process, feedback and outcomes is important so that the community and stakeholders know the purpose of the SCP and the priorities that are presented. This report provides the reader with an opportunity to know what feedback was provided and how it was taken into account by the Council in making decisions.

Report on Community Engagements

Brand Video

Take a sneak peek at the brand video that inspired our new SCP journey: