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What is the Strategic Community Plan (SCP)? 

A key planning document required by all local governments in WA as a part of what is called the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines – known as the IPR. 

In essence, the IPR consists of the Strategic Community Plan (which is for 10 years), then the Corporate Business Plan (which breaks down the SCP – every four years), then supporting plans for finance, assets, workforce and issue specific things. 

The purpose of the Strategic Community Plan is to ensure Councillors are able to make informed decisions about meeting the needs of the district, what will be provided, when it will be provided and how it will be resourced.

Who develops or comes up with the SCP?

The final decision as to what goes into the SCP is up to the Councillors. 

Our current SCP expires in 2021.   

So to make sure we have a great plan in place by 2021, the Council has come up with a process for developing the plan that will enable community members and stakeholders to have a big say in shaping the future of the community and in identifying issues and solutions. 

The planning process includes three key elements: 

a) Community consultation – finding out from the people Shire services, what they value.

b) Desk top research – reading what we can, collecting data.

c) Analysis of external influences such as politics, the environment and technology

How is the Shire going to consult with the people of the Shire? 

The Councillors want to hear from as many people and groups as possible.  They want the people to Marurri [mar-rood] - Embrace our Future. 

In order to do this, the Council and staff have come up with a range of consultation tools and messages;

  • SCP events and training in Derby and Fitzroy Crossing.
  • Postcards, so people can write down or draw what they would love to see happen or made available in their community.
  • Online and hard copy surveys.
  • Shopping centre displays – with boards that ask people what they really value and would like to see happen. 
  • Small focus group meetings.
  • One on one and small group chats and visits. 
  • Workshops – with key groups. 

What happens with all this information you get? 

The Council and staff will draft up what we have heard into a format that people can understand.   

Then, we will go out again to see if “we heard you right!”

We will then fix what we got wrong and add what we missed.  

Finally, the Council will identify what goes into the plan – informed by some sound planning criteria, what the data and analysis says and most importantly, what the community has told them. 

How can the community get involved? 

Come along to our events. Complete a survey. Send us a post card. Follow us on Facebook or our website. If you see a Councillor or staff member, ask them. Keep an eye out for letter drops and flyers.

Give us some feedback – tell us what you know and how we can be doing the consultation – or our business – better. 

The SDWK is a great place to live – let’s make it even greater.  

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