MEDIA RELEASE - Banned Drinkers Register in effect in Kimberley shires from today

Published on Friday, 15 December 2023 at 12:49:18 PM

15 December 2023                                                                                                     For immediate release

The Banned Drinkers Register comes into effect today in the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley, however Shire President Peter McCumstie has stated there are continuing concerns surrounding the system.

Shire President Peter McCumstie said that despite assurances from a number of State Ministers over the past couple of years, there continues to be a notable absence of tangible evidence indicating the implementation or consideration of substantive measures in response to the prevailing challenges related to alcohol abuse and instances of family and interpersonal violence within our community.

“This absence leaves a void concerning the provision of assistance or support for individual’s places on the Banned Drinkers Register,” Cr McCumstie said.

“The recent request sent to the Director for Liquor Licensing, Lainie Chopping, by the Acting Commissioner for Police, Alan Adams, portrays a sombre depiction of the circumstances in regional and remote towns, particularly Derby. However, it is notably silent on the government’s intentions other than introduce further alcohol restrictions. It also does not address the escalating concerns regarding existing and worsening issues with drug abuse in our communities.

“The current narrative suggests that we as a community, are ignorant of what is occurring in our towns and do not intend to address the adverse impacts on our people – however this couldn’t be further from the truth.

‘’Our Shire, in collaboration with the Liquor Accord and the three other shires in the Kimberley Region, has persistently and, at times, frustratingly, endeavoured to prompt the government to strengthen the Banned Drinkers Register, advance measures against sly grogging and, most importantly, earnestly address the needs of individuals grappling with alcoholism.

“Despite the Shire’s ongoing attempts to engage government agencies and decision-makers in substantive conversation concerning practical support services, such as rehabilitation facilities, 24/7 response capacity from Family and Children Services, and increased Safe Shelters for victims of domestic violence, including children, nothing has changed.

“Compounding the situation, the towns in the West Kimberley are reliant on intermittent services from Broome or, at times, Perth, given the government's adoption of the Hub and Spoke model of service delivery in our Shire. The deficiencies in this service delivery model are evidently reflected in the inadequate or non-existent services available in our towns today.

“I call upon the Acting Police Commissioner to fulfil his commitment, along with that of the Police Commissioner, made during recent meetings, to engage with all relevant government agencies regarding this issue.

‘’This engagement is essential to begin a process aimed at enhancing and providing meaningful services to our town and communities. Further, I urge the Director of Liquor Licensing to come to the Kimberley, engage with us and the other three Kimberley shires, to deliberate on what further liquor restrictions might look like, and how we can work together to tackle the issues associated with alcohol-related challenges in our region,’’ Cr McCumstie reiterated.




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Shire President

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Media Officer

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