MEDIA RELEASE - Tassal's Continued Investment in West Kimberley: A Boost for Local Economy and Employment Opportunities

Published on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 at 1:14:37 PM




27 March 2024                                                                                                            For immediate release



The Shire of Derby West/Kimberley is pleased to acknowledge Tassal's recent statement reaffirming its dedication to advancing and expanding its Barramundi Aquaculture operations in Cone Bay, situated 80 kilometres north of Derby. Tassal's expressed intention to further engage with and utilise our local communities through employment opportunities and collaboration with local businesses is a significant step forward for our region.


The renewal of Tassal's annual lease of infrastructure at the Derby Port marks a pivotal moment, laying the groundwork for potential job creation and business growth in the West Kimberley area. This renewed partnership between Tassal and our community holds promise for fostering sustainable economic development and strengthening the fabric of our local economy.


The Shire of Derby West Kimberley looks forward to working closely with Tassal and other stakeholders to ensure that this collaboration benefits both the company and the people of our region. We remain committed to supporting initiatives that promote prosperity and opportunities for our residents.




For media information:


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Shire President

Shire of Derby/West Kimberley             

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Giana Covella

Acting Media and Communications Officer

Shire of Derby/West Kimberley

PO Box 94 Derby WA 6728

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