Mr and Mrs Potato Head to cater Youth Centre dinner on Friday nights

Published on Friday, 11 February 2022 at 12:26:18 PM

Kicking off this Sunday Derby kids at the Youth Centre are in for a treat, with Mr and Mrs Potato Head catering dinner and dessert.

Mrs Potato Head said she and her husband came to Derby with the intention of feeding hungry local kids and were so pleased to finally have a regular gig in place. Their van is now booked at the Youth Centre every Friday night (this week excluded due to a funeral).

On the menu will be some of the kids favourites including fish and chips, chicken and chips, lasagne, basic curries (not too spicy!) and stews. Cordial and iced water are also offered, alongside plentiful offerings of fruit.

For the kids with the best manners desert may be on the menu too, Mrs Potato Head said, – including hot donuts!

“When I first got back home that was our passion, to feed the kids of this town and get involved providing food to people that needed us,” said Mrs Potato Head.

“We probably informally feed around 10-15 kids a week who approach us and are clearly very hungry. But being at the youth centre every week means we’ll now be able to feed 80-150 kids at a time.”

Mrs and Mr Potato Head – Maria Pingy Lwoy Mathews and Malcolm Wood more formally – also hope the van’s presence will inspire some children to get interested in the food and hospitality sector.

Mrs Potato Head plans to train interested children to help serve and plate the meals, and eventually, if they’re keen, assist in the kitchen.

“We always have kids who are wanting to help us cook in the van, and we want to encourage and nurture that interest. A good hot meal can make a massive difference in how someone’s feeling and thinking. Who doesn’t love food?”

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