Caravan Park and Camping Grounds

The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley has a total of 5 licensed Caravan Parks within the immediate town sites of Derby and Fitzroy Crossing as well as a number of remotely located Nature Based Parks. During the peak tourist season between May and September, especially during school holiday periods, these facilities can book out quickly.

Environmental Health Officers regularly monitor and inspect Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds to check compliance with the Caravan Parks and Camping Ground Act 1995 and its associated Regulations.

Camping is only permitted in designated caravan parks or camping grounds or at designated 24 hour roadside rest areas. Camping on private property requires permission from the owner for periods up to 3 days or from the Shire for longer periods.

Shire Officers carry out regular patrols to control any illegal camping activity. Any person found to be camping in an area that is not designated as a camping ground, licensed caravan park or private property without the owners or Shire’s consent are liable for on the spot fines.

Lodging Houses

A lodging house is any premises in which provision is made for more than six (6) persons to reside, for hire or reward. This does not include the keeper or his/her family who may reside with the other lodgers.

Lodging houses are required to satisfy a range of planning, building and health requirements in order to be granted a licence to operate.

Before the commencement of any development, alteration or extension of any lodging house, the Shire should be advised in writing and prior approval obtained.